CCC Kei Chun Primary School「2024龍年填色比賽」

CCC Kei Chun Primary School organized 「2024龍年填色比賽」, here is the result of our students : First prize of K3 Wong, Wan Kiu Second prize of K2 Wong, Bo Ching Second prize of K2 Ngan, Rayden Second prize of K3 Wong, Yi Ka Merit of K1 Chan, Tsz Kiu Merit of K1 Au-Yeung, Chun Hei Merit of K3 Au, Lok Sun Elena Merit of K3 Kwan, Sum

SKH Chu Oi Primary School (Lei Muk Shue) 「幼稚園數學比賽」

SKH Chu Oi Primary School (Lei Muk Shue) organized 「幼稚園數學比賽」and our senior class of school won the team production championship and runner-up respectively. Meanwhile, here is the result of our students : Third prize/ Math Game Runner Iu, Pak Nam Third prize Lai, Yuet Ching Third prize Lo, Lok Yi Second prize/ Math game third runner-up Ngan, Pak Sin First prize Li, Sze Lui Third prize Hung, Ho Lam Second prize Lo, Yui Sze First prize Yeung, Chin Lok Second prize Ho, Yui Kai Marcus Third prize Tang, Ho Ching Third prize Wong, Sum Yau Active Participation Award Wong, Yin Tuen Second prize/ Math Game Champion Chong, King Pok Third prize Leung, Hei Tung First prize Tang, Yui Chit Third prize Tsang, Ling Yin

Hong Kong Child-rity Association 「The Third HKCRA Cup」

Hong Kong Child-rity Association organized 「The Third HKCRA Cup」, and we got 2nd place of 新苗組團體成績. Meanwhile, here is the result of our students: Group No. Name Ranking 新苗乙組(青苗) 6 Tang, Yui Chit 3 新苗乙組(紫苗) 5 Huang, Yuet Tung 3 新苗乙組(白苗) 11 Chung, Abbigail 3 新苗乙組(紫苗) 15 Wong, Chak Fung 4 新苗乙組(青苗) 16 Chu, Pak Ho 5 新苗乙組(藍苗) 3 Yu, Ming Ho 6 新苗乙組(藍苗) 7 Sun, Tsz Ki 7 新苗乙組(藍苗) 6 Hung, Ho Lam 8 新苗乙組(藍苗) 1 Leung, Wai Kiu Excellent performance 新苗乙組(青苗) 10 Wong, Yin Tuen Excellent performance 新苗乙組(藍苗) 2 Cheung, Po Man Scarlett Excellent performance 新苗乙組(藍苗) 11 Leung, Wai Chun Excellent performance 新苗乙組(藍苗) 8 Lai, Yui Wang Excellent performance 新苗乙組(藍苗) 13 Li, Cheuk Hang Excellent performance